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  • Breakthrough Compression Technology
    Adaptive Binary Optimization for Text, Images, and Video
  • Transform your Digital World
    Powered by ABO
  • 30% Lower Bit-rates Compared to Any
    Generic Video Compression System
    With NHanze video encoding solution companies achieve greater compression coding efficiency
  • Better and Easier Way to Move and Store
    Medical Imaging Records
    MatrixView PACStream solution offers technical and financial advantages for achieving higher levels of compression
  • Cut Down Cost and Time to Transfer Big Data
    Conetizer cost-effectively accelerates large file transfers

Breakthrough Compression Technology

Adaptive Binary Optimization improves productivity, cost-effectively and securely delivering mathematically lossless compression for bandwidth optimization.

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Data Solutions

The nature of information being shared throughout an enterprise and the worldwide web is increasingly more diverse challenging virtually every market sector. This growth in data is significant with information transforming from textual to video and images and, most recently exploding in the form of multimedia content. Currently it’s estimated the world will produce some 4 zetabytes (equaling 4 million petabytes) of new data in 2013 and all this data needs to be transmitted and stored cost-effectively.

Be it the search engines, email providers, enterprise content management solutions or virtual office software, the hybrid nature of dynamic information has compelled the need for new data management, storage and transmission capabilities.

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Video Solutions

The growth in streaming video subscribers is being driven by the broader trends of media consumption over the Internet, increased broadband penetration, higher download speeds and growth in connected devices. More than 66% of smartphone user’s streamed video in 2011 and that is projected to increase at a compound annual growth rate of 28% through 2014.

With more than 200 billion videos being viewed online every month consumer demand for lower bandwidth charges is growing fast while network operators struggle to optimize bandwidth utilization.

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Healthcare Solutions

Healthcare professionals understand the need for an effective solution to archive, retrieve and distribute healthcare information and images. As medical practitioners and hospitals create significant amounts of data, their need has become more intense. A doctor in the United States on average generates close to 70 terabytes of data every year. Many technologies have been overwhelmed and failed to keep pace with the rapidly growing demand of the healthcare industry. Despite steep investments in infrastructure and bandwidth, when it comes to transmitting and making readily available large volumes of medical files and images the existing challenges continue to grow for the medical community at large.

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Welcome To MatrixView

MatrixView’s high value solutions provide cost-effective transmission and efficient storage optimization tools supported by superior customer service as part of an integrated and dedicated commitment to solving customer needs.

MatrixView was founded with the goal of Innovating and enhancing the cloud and internet experience through leading edge compression and acceleration technologies. Headquartered in Sunnyvale, California the company is based on the advent of the award winning Adaptive Binary Optimization (ABO?.

by Mr. Arvind Thiagarajan