What exactly does ABO™ do?
MatrixView’s Adaptive Binary Optimization (ABO™) is often called “A Better Option” by many product managers. ABO™ transforms your digital DNA by simplifying the algorithms used in source coding the raw data that are your building blocks.

ABO™ is a new way of transforming data – unlike JPEG, JPEG2000, JPEGLS, GIF, TIFF, PNG, MPEG1, MPEG2, MPEG4 or MP3. While traditional systems depend on complex transforms and the elimination of data to achieve compression, ABO™ does not. Driven by a unique, breakthrough process called Repetition and Correlation Coding (RCC), ABO™ exploits the repetition and correlation found in data. This results in a revolutionary data transformation and establishes a strong foundation for further modeling and source coding of data. The effects of this bottom-up transformation can be felt strongly at every level of your network.

The results of this strikingly simple and powerful process are amazing! ABO™ just transforms the way in which data is stored, transmitted, retrieved and applied – with highest compressibility and without loss of data and integrity.


Here are some of the benefits that ABO™ delivers:

   Adds intelligence to data
   Mathematically lossless compression
   Higher compression efficiency than other compression technologies
   Accelerated transmission speeds
   Native-embedded encryption of data and
   Efficient data indexing and archiving capabilities

ABO diagram